Background Joke Vrij

After my study International Social Sciences, I had several jobs. I started as a European project manager and I was as a program-manager at a education centre when I decided to chase my old youth-dream… and in July 2009 I graduated at the St.Joost Art Academy in Den Bosch, direction autonomic art and won the "Lucasprice" for the best examwork of 2009.


Not everything there is one can see with the eyes. But I can derive something one cannot see out of something one can see. I search for ways to show the invisible, the heavenly, next to or even better within the visible material. Visible and invisible things exist both in this world and it's a fascinating mystery how these are related to eachother. Sometimes it seems that the visible and the invisible are opposite poles, like life and death. But there are moments that I experience that they are closely interweaved, when the visbile and the invisible, the earthly and the heavenly, the physicall and the spiritual things seem to transit easily and fluently. I paint newsphotographs and search the invisible, the heavenly, within the visible pictures. Photographs are selections of the world, made by someone, and therefore are a subjective selection of the visible reality. Painting the picture makes it even more subjective. In this double subjectivity I find space inwhich the invisible becomes more visible. Working with the material I try to let the concept and the material go hand in hand, because I believe that concept and material, body and mind, the earthly and heavenly, can have the same sensitive reality.